Harriet Sharaf


I began my coaching career in 2006. At that time I was separated from my husband and going through a very painful divorce. As I was working on putting my life together I discovered the passion within me to end other people’s suffering as well. I enrolled in the IPEC Coaching Program and it made a profound change in my life.

I have been a life long learner of personal growth and self-development and was now even more dedicated to understanding how our thoughts create our life and how we can empower ourselves towards healing and self empowerment and experience the gift of life that we have been given in a state of health, happiness, success and an abundance of love for ourselves and others.

I was very familiar with the suffering that our own minds can cause us. My parent’s are Holocaust Survivors and even though the war ended many decades ago, the fear and and the sense of victimhood still remains embedded in our family history. I recognized how difficult it was for me to have the faith that life was constantly working for me – not against me. My perceptions were always skewed towards the negative and I had little belief in myself, trust in the world and quite honestly that I could have the faith that God was for me and not against me.

In 2004 my daughter was diagnosed with something that shook my world and I needed to muster up the strength to be there for her and my family. I was determined to stay positive and now allow myself to even look at the possibilities other than a successful surgery and a beautiful future for my dear sweet child. We all got through it and my daughter is now completing her fourth year of medical school and is dedicated to healing others.

I am on the path – it’s a journey and not a one time fix. I am constantly and continuously learning and growing and searching within myself to understand the Truth behind the circumstance – the cause behind the effect. Picking myself up again and again and again. Seeing it a bit more clearly each time and getting much stronger with each and every detour off my path. Staying in front of the negativity around me or judgmental thoughts which block my true expression and joy and catch them before they take root so that I can replace them with thoughts of gratitude and love.

Life is a journey and just because you are on the right path – doesn’t mean that you won’t be thrown off of it from time to time. Life is filled with challenges and upsets but it’s all about finding a way to learn and grow from it all and enjoy the moments that we are given during this precious life of ours.

I am very blessed with three amazing children. In addition to my daughter, my older son is a writer and marketing specialist. My youngest is in his second year of medical school. I have a new Goldendoodle puppy named Bailey who keeps me busy and filled with wonder and love.

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