Harriet Sharaf

Individual Coaching

I love to work with individual clients. The arrangement is very simple and there is no contract or obligation on your part. You pay for a coaching session and I contact you so that we can set up an appointment. I send you a few questions to answer via email prior to our time together. Your answers to those questions help me understand where you are at right now. Then we chat via phone or Skype. In certain cases we can meet in person. If you are ready to invest in yourself, book a session now.

Individual Coaching Session   

If you prefer to pay by check, please contact Harriet at HarrietSharaf@gmail.com

Here’s what clients are saying about Harriet’s Coaching

“In walks Harriet. In a short amount of time, in a frank, non-judgmental and supportive way – she had me turning my own beliefs inside-out; exploring fresh viewpoints and embracing better ways of thinking about the challenges and problems that come with the pressures of running a family, a career, and my own ambitions. She’s forthright, warm, engaging and tough – all things that make a great life coach. If you are open to seeing yourself objectively, Harriet really makes a difference.”
Ron Fair, A&R executive, producer, arranger, engineer and songwriter with 18 Grammys

“Harriet Sharaf is a true professional at her craft! I encourage anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, or trauma to work with Harriet to help guide them in healing. In my private practice, I have referred clients to work with Harriet as a complement to traditional therapy, and they have all described their work with Harriet as incredibly positive and helpful to their personal growth.”
Dr. Marla Reis, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Integrative Therapy Solutions BH LLC

“In my career as an attorney, I faced many challenges over the years. When I decided to change gears to achieve my long term career goals, I became discouraged after several  attempts to get a particularly competitive position. I had never used a life coach but decided I would try Harriet after a friend had very positive results from her coaching. After one session with Harriet, I was once again focused on my goals with strategies on how I was going to achieve them. With her coaching, I gained My confidence back, which is a key to success.”
Mari B., Attorney

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