Meditation & Self-Hypnosis

Meditation & Self-Hypnosis Techniques can be incorporated into your Coaching Sessions. As a Certified Hypnotist with training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as well as other meditation methods – I will show you how you can easily begin a meditation practice and how you can use self-hypnosis to rewire your subconscious in order to improve your health and well-being.

Why is Meditation & Self-Hypnosis Valuable To You?

Thoughts control your Actions and your Actions control your results. Your mind therefore is the most powerful tool that you have. Yet your mind is not always your friend and often behaves like a mean boss or sinister enemy.

It seems to be so much easier for our minds to operate in fear and scarcity mode rather than love, abundance and true FAITH. Are your current beliefs holding you back from happiness and success? The solutions, inspiration, happiness, and life’s amazing possibilities reside in the power of your mind.

Meditation can renew your clarity, creativity and vitality, create less stress, greater focus and improved energy. Meditation helps you improve your self-awareness, your ability to let go, and helps you gain mastery over your mind. Daily meditation makes it easier for you to have self-discipline and start other positive habits like exercise and diet changes.

Hypnosis is your ability to convince or unconvinced yourself of anything. It helps you change the focus on behaviors you wish to let go of, and the repetitive associations and expectations that you connect to those behaviors.

Self-Hypnosis is a powerful tool which helps you to achieve a state of deep relaxation. It combines techniques of meditation and guided imagery, allowing individuals to access their subconscious mind and replace unwanted habits with new, positive, and lasting behaviors, increase motivation, reduce stress, and much more. Sports men and women can enhance their athletic performance with self-hypnosis. Through the power of self-hypnosis, you can rewire your subconscious to reduce your appetite and increase your motivation to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s a safe, natural experience, and a key to successful behavior modification.

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